My knees get weak
My mouth gets dry
When you pass by
I take a deep breath
Ready to say hi
But I freeze and stop
Because I saw the look in your eyes
Looking like a fool
I blush and turn red
Then I tell myself
Tomorrow is another day
And next time definitely
I’ll get the chance
To say my sweet hello

Love letter to Jesus


The more life gets heavy
The more you make me grow closer and deeper in love
You gave me strength
When I was weak
When I was scared
You comforted me
You make me want to live life
In the moments
Through tough times and good
You held my hand
I am where I am because of you
And I just want to say
I love you

The Gift


When I used to work at a restaurant, I would always talk to an elderly couple that were regular customers. I worked there for 2 years and known them for a year. The woman together with her husband frequently got breakfast and dinner and I would see them in my day shift. Both of them had an inspiring story about their life and children that were all grown up now and have children of their own. They eat at the restaurant right after her dialysis and on the weekend her husband buys the groceries nearby. Ive learned many things while I was working and saying hi to them. Ive learned that people’s stories of their life gives us guidance so that in the future we wont make the same mistake as them but on the brighter side, learn that life is tough but we should cherish each moments and live and laugh with family and friends. Learn from the past, look forward to the future and cherish the present, thats why its called a gift. I appreciate the small things in people and I see Jesus in them.

What is a Friend?


Someone that will listen and make you laugh

Someone to high fives and bro fist

Someone that is there for you whatever time

Someone that will comfort you when you’re feeling down

Someone that laughs with you even though some people might not get the joke

We might not have that someone in our lives but it can be your brother or sister, a classmate, co-worker or an acquaintance.All you and I have to do is to be friendly but as they say, “it takes two to tango.” Not everyone we meet will be our friend, it takes a long time to develop that friendship.