Everything has its season

I firmly believe that God has a perfect timing and plan on everything. Whether we realize it or not, he already has planned on first of all, you being born. It doesn’t matter whether your parents planned your birth or not, the important thing here is that God intended you to be born into this […]

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Have Faith

We all know the scene in the bible when Jesus walks on water but there is much less emphasis on Peter who asked Jesus to ask him to come to him and walk on water as well. I just realized that  its an example where when we obey we get an answer and sometimes even […]

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Old Paintings

i painted this picture while imagining how Disney’s Pocahontas would look like in an almost abstract and surreal like image of her. I was sure I did not want it to look exactly like in the movies but I wanted to show my own style of painting and I have to be honest, I enjoyed […]

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Banana Bread Recipe

I remember my mother coming home from work and having bought those soft banana muffins at Richtree restaurant. Then I started to crave for more and in a few months, I got my hands on a simple yet tasty recipe. Make sure to read the notes that I have made below. Let me know how […]

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God is Love

There is joy and warmth in my heart As I read his word and pray, There is light and truth in his word, I have this sense of belonging And security because of his faithfulness to me. In times of trials he never fails to lift me up and place my hope in him In […]

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A short story by Rosetti

I had a dream last night and I just wanted to share it. Thanks for reading! I was playing a game that looked like the sims. I was also with my friend Ana while her younger brother who was five years old, watched us play. People that were passing through were suggesting that a certain […]

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