Is it Love?

Is it love? Or the idea of falling in love Butterflies and unrealistic dreams Let me go back to reality In the first place Never fell in love Kisses and hugs Its better going within Than going out Stay and wait Everythings got time

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I surrender

You gave me happiness You gave me strength You gave me love You gave me life I surrender to you, Lord Jesus There is nothing more that I want You are all I ever need

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Good Friday

You took my pain You took my shame On that cross your blood was shed for me Just so I can live and have a relationship with you, Lord Jesus You take away my tears and comfort me when Im down I long to see your face in Heaven But for now I take my […]

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Hold my hand

I just want to hold your hand While we walk on the sandy beach overlooking the sunset The sky painted orange red We kiss until the stars appear Then I hear a sound Beep beep Says the alarm clock

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