A Vintage Painting

I wake up and go to school and work Its a never ending cycle As I lay on my bed, is this it? I lay on my bed and try to sleep Days and nights as I lay flat on my pillow Tears falling like theres no tomorrow Scars on my heart manifest on my […]

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My dearest…

Looking up as I saw your face Wondering what its like to taste Those moments I treasure As we grew closer together Full of smiles and laughter But one day you were gone Far away from the place Far away from me But I never gave up One day for sure We will see each […]

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Just the way you are

I keep catching a glimpse of myself On the windows, glass doors, mirrors What more must I do To make myself look worthwhile   I keep going back and forth On the hallways and corridors I keep putting makeup On my face, cheeks and lips I keep straightening my hair Even though its almost burnt […]

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I don’t know which way to go I don’t know where to begin Paths leading to different places There’s a world out there Waiting to be seen and discovered I want to explore and see the world and help those people in need That’s the only thing I’m sure of But to get there and […]

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You are with me

With arms wide open I dreamt you reaching out So I stand with faith And with your Love You make me brave Your promise and presence is overwhelming Iam overjoyed So I stand with firm feet on the ground I am not alone For you are with me And live in me

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I can’t keep my eyes off you Eyes so bright Cheeks so pink With pearly whites to match You light up my day You are beautiful In everything you do I am overwhelmed But I want to be closer Together with you

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You are Beautiful

Being molded and sculpted Aiming to be Barbie dolls Even though It’s like being locked behind bars Unrealistic Perception Distorted view of oneself No one is perfect Perfection is a sickness of society Why can’t you see You are beautiful Just the way you are Freckles makes you unique Chubby cheeks, Adorable! Your laugh is […]

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I realize my eyes were opened Even though they were wide awake Born into a family culture, tradition, religion I am told who I am since being a toddler to a teenager But when do we chose for ourselves Identity Where, Who, Why, What, When and How Only you can find out Parents open the […]

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My knees get weak My mouth gets dry When you pass by I take a deep breath Ready to say hi But I freeze and stop Because I saw the look in your eyes Looking like a fool I blush and turn red Then I tell myself Tomorrow is another day And next time definitely […]

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Love letter to Jesus

The more life gets heavy The more you make me grow closer and deeper in love You gave me strength When I was weak When I was scared You comforted me You make me want to live life In the moments Through tough times and good You held my hand I am where I am […]

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