Don’t give up on You

In someone’s journey to become whoever they want to be, either to overcome insecurities, depression or to either lose weight or get good grades, whatever that ideal person you want to be, there will always be struggles and challenges to overcome until we get to the point of giving up in the end but all […]

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Everything has its season

I firmly believe that God has a perfect timing and plan on everything. Whether we realize it or not, he already has planned on first of all, you being born. It doesn’t matter whether your parents planned your birth or not, the important thing here is that God intended you to be born into this […]

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Have Faith

We all know the scene in the bible when Jesus walks on water but there is much less emphasis on Peter who asked Jesus to ask him to come to him and walk on water as well. I just realized that  its an example where when we obey we get an answer and sometimes even […]

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God is Love

There is joy and warmth in my heart As I read his word and pray, There is light and truth in his word, I have this sense of belonging And security because of his faithfulness to me. In times of trials he never fails to lift me up and place my hope in him In […]

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A short story by Rosetti

I had a dream last night and I just wanted to share it. Thanks for reading! I was playing a game that looked like the sims. I was also with my friend Ana while her younger brother who was five years old, watched us play. People that were passing through were suggesting that a certain […]

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Music is Love

I put my earphones on. Then put the volume almost at the maximum and hit play. I skim through my playlist of songs until I finally get the one. The song that makes my troubles seemingly smaller until all I could think about is the music, that is in tune with the beat of my […]

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God is at my side

I will be diligentI will persevere For you are with meNothing is impossibleWhen God is at my sideThrough the stormLet me soar like eaglesLet me walk on deep blue watersFocused on you Jesus ChristI will walk down the narrow road The path less taken Its all worth it For in the end of it It is […]

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