My Valentine – always and forever

Valentine’s day just passed, couples all around are celebrating their love for each other, which is of course lovely and wonderful, but what about those single people out there, don’t fret because little did you know you have an admirer or even so true love, your first love and also your valentine-always and forever. So keep on reading!

Life is beautiful, its so awesome how God created us and the earth in a short amount of time and the little details on how we have so much freedom, he gave us freewill. Though, there was always some questions I had in mind when I started going through the bible and hearing the stories in the bible. Like for example, in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were given one simple instruction, to not eat from one specific tree. I asked myself, why didn’t just God erase humanity from Adam and Eve and start over again or why did he even put that tree in the middle of the garden? The answer is that God values life and he loves us so much that he gave us freewill, he didn’t want robots in the first place. Also Love connects with freewill and that is to have a choice, a choice that Adam and Eve failed to do, they chose selfishness rather than God.

Another question that I have found an answer to is What is the meaning of Life? What is the purpose of Life? My dear friend asked me that question and I did not reply for months until I came up with an answer. I have read the book Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren and another book called Life is____. by Judah Smith and came to this conclusion. 

The bible is about a story of God’s amazing love toward man. God is love personified and we are created to be loved and love. We are the centrepiece of Gods creation and he wants us to have a relationship with Him but Adam and Eve chose selfishness rather than God. I always pondered why put the tree in the middle the garden anyway? The answer is because to love is to have free will. God wants us to love him genuinely and not force us to obey him. The theme of life is true love. We can see it all in the movies, songs on the radio and conversations. We were hardwired to love God but because of sin, we have strayed away and now we seek other forms of love like the love for fame, power, flesh and money. Sin=death but God so loved the world that he gave his only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. So what is the purpose of life? It is to believe in Jesus and receive Him. It is to Love, Trust, Obey, Praise & thank Him and also use our abilities for the glory of God. So that when we enter heaven, Jesus will say “Well done, good and faithful servant.”
In conclusion, God loves you so much that he died for us to save us from our sin and so we can have eternal life, Jesus made a way for us and all he wants from us is to love him back by having a relationship with Him. So what does having a relationship with Jesus like? In my understanding its just like any other bride and groom relationship. The church is his bride and Jesus is the groom. Also in another way to think about it, Jesus can be anyone to us, a teacher, a healer, a bestfriend, because He is unfathomable.

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