Sautéed chicken with mushrooms and bokchoy

I have been busy at the kitchen lately and I have discovered a new recipe which is healthy and good for you. Skip the fast food and try this out!

This is an original recipe of sautéed chicken breast marinated with barbecue sauce with mushroom and bokchoy.

Cooking Time: 15 Minutes


  1. Mama Sita’s barbecue marinade
  2. 1 Chicken breast
  3. 2tbsp Oyster sauce
  4. Minced garlic
  5. Chopped onion
  6. Handful of mushrooms
  7. 2 Bokchoy
  8. Optional: broccoli and julliene carrots


  • Marinate the chicken breast with Mama sita’s barbecue marinade and leave it in the fridge overnight or 3 hours at most. Add some pepper for more taste.
  • The next day, cut the chicken breast into strips and fry them until golden brown. When cooked, set aside.
  • On the same pan, sauté minced garlic and chopped onion.
  • Then, add oyster sauce.
  • Add mushrooms and chopped bokchoy.
  • Let the vegetables cook and when it’s done, place the cooked chicken back to the pan.
  • Optional: you can add more vegetables like broccoli and carrots.

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