Have Faith

We all know the scene in the bible when Jesus walks on water but there is much less emphasis on Peter who asked Jesus to ask him to come to him and walk on water as well. I just realized that  its an example where when we obey we get an answer and sometimes even a miracle. Lets all be courageous and ask God to let us out of our comfort zones so that we will become who we were meant to be. I can’t believe I am writing this and if I even have the guts to ask Jesus to get me out of my comfort zone because I am the type of person that is laid back and like to be in my comfort zone. When Peter walked on the water for a moment, I would like to think that he thought this, “Thank you for leading me into the sea and making me realize all I needed was to focus on you and not on the depth of the ocean or the struggles but the fact that you are there ready to help me when I fall.”

Indeed, when there are many distractions in our life, like too much work or play and even procrastinating at times make it hard for us to focus on what needs to be done, to meditate on the bible and his word and pray for guidance and repentance for my sins. To be honest, sometimes the storm is just too great but remember that its the enemy that wants you to be not close with God, he’ll do anything to get you from having a deep and intimate relationship with him, because the devil came to steal, kill and destroy. So we should put the Armor of God for the battle is not just spiritual but physical and emotional and mental as well, for these four things are connected to one another.

I remember when I told my friend that I was scared of horror movies and monsters etc. and then in the family gathering, the mother of a five year old little girl said that her daughter doesn’t even believe in monsters anymore and her reason is, because Jesus is with me. That moment really gave a smile to my face, because we all should have child-like faith, for the kingdom belongs to people with child-like faith, strong and unwavering love towards Jesus.

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