A short story by Rosetti

I had a dream last night and I just wanted to share it. Thanks for reading!

I was playing a game that looked like the sims. I was also with my friend Ana while her younger brother who was five years old, watched us play. People that were passing through were suggesting that a certain church be built for many will come to it. I said ” hey Ana, add more chairs and flowers to the side for many people will come.” Until we find ourselves facing trials in the game and as well as recieving achievements. We were so into the game that we even signed up for getting free stuff when we get to a higher level. Then for some reason, Ana’s younger brother had coffee and we told him to get some rest because he was tired from watching us play the game. Ana and I resumed in playing the sims when we found ourselves getting headaches but we still wanted to go on.

After that the game became more interactive with high definition 3D animation, we got even more excited to play, day and night until we got found ourselves getting transported to the game itself. Ahhh!! Ana’s appearance changed when I saw her she looked like a young brazilian girl while I looked the same but skinnier. I said ” ahh at last I can fit in my old clothes again!” Both of us were ecstatic because wherever we go our parents and friends and even strangers would compliment us and liked us even more than before. I played the character named Chad and Ana was there. Two guys with bikes came, Jack was apparently my boyfriend and a film major in university and his friend was so eager to go on with our journey so all four of us hung out for awhile and had many adventures and achievements unlocked, we went on a bike ride on the mountain side and I told Jack, “dont go any further its dangerous!” He still went and before I knew it he slipped and fell on the cracks of the mountain. I shouted, ” No! No! Jack!. With no response, I climbed to the side and saw his dead body in a pool of blood. I cried and cried until his friend said,”There is nothing we can do now, he’s dead.” Then a rush of wind came and I saw written in the sand. ” Life is not a game.”

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